by Mamoru Fujieda composed in 2012.

Our Earth Rhythm Ensemble concert vol.5 was now successfully over on 2nd March 2019. I would like to thank you to all who supported us and who was there for listening to us. ERE performed Mamoru’s latest composition, Patterns of plants 27 and 28 collections (known as Taiwan Tea Collection) and other 25th and 26th collections as well.

It was just so grateful to perform his compositions, i would say… every time when i perform Patterns of Plants, i feel like i am in a different world. A very influential musical structure he applies to his music and i feel like it leads me to an another place.

By the way, the video performance down below was not from the night we performed a few weeks ago but talking about the passionate atmosphere reminds me of the night back in 2012 as we all put musical energies into Gamelan Cherry which was composed in 2012 by also Mamoru F.

I remember it was world premiered in NYC (i was actually there) by a fantastic contemporary ensemble, Bang on a Can in 2012. The performance was like flaring flames, might be a better expression if i say ‘A Vortex of Boiling Energies’. all the audience even stopped to breathe to see how intense and deep the performance was. Each player was aware of others perfectly. they didnt fail to prepare any single moment leading our ears to next coming up sounds nor noise scattering around audience. it was just flabbergasting. i cannot deny that it was totally one of my favorite artistic memories so is the one night we ERE performed the same piece as Japan Premiere in Fukuoka in 2014.

Thinking of energies, the older people get, the less sense of reactions to sounds they get, especially in Japan where arts is not that a part of life so people dont know how to react to arts or music. maybe, which is im wrong, but especially when you perform, you got to have the energies not only perform but to listen utmost. I feel like I wasnt ready enough to prepare with the energies at the recital on the other day and feel sorry for it. well, i will next time 🙂

The series of this composition was called Patterns of Plants and it is composed by Mamoru Fujieda by converting cells of plants he found in a real life into electrical potentials. Furthermore, he puts them togher into this fantastic healing Music. it is like a miracle process how he composes. how Organic the music he creates is! so it eventually is voices of plants we can recall. i would like you to keep it in your mind as you listen to it down below. it’s Cherry? Yes, it surely is.